Gerard Joling: “It is time for a Lead Lion’

4d826142cc9cc876cdac34538be5afc1 - Gerard Joling: "It is time for a Lead Lion’

“If I win, I’ll give you a lovely party,” he responds in RTL Boulevard. “This is the fourth or fifth time already that I am nominated,” says Gerard, who already have a lot of products, said members should cultivate. This time provides the advertising he recorded for Lidl Gerard may be the title irritantste BN’. “It is now about time that I give him a win.”

Gerard gets competition from his fellow-Topper René Froger, advertising for Eyelove, and André Hazes, which Essent is cautious. Joling understand why a lot of CELEBRITIES what to earn some extra money with commercials. “Of course you do it for the money,” says the singer, who “definitely” a home has can buy his gigs.

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Froger, andré Hazes and Joling nominated as irritantste CELEBRITIES in advertisements

Wrong clothing

What Gerard doesn’t understand, is that André has been nominated. “I think that’s a commercial.” His own nomination and that of René understands. “I’m too excited with the wrong clothes and a little incomprehensible at the end. And it is not that René is not fun, but René can’t act.”

Gerard thinks that he also this time in addition to the Lead Lion, a prize of consumer programme RADAR, on the rise. “I think I win, but I would any.”

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