French government that the “tax increase fuels suspend”

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The French government will increase brandstoftaksen, to violent protests has led, suspend. That report French media.

The tax increase was planned for 1 January. With the suspension in hopes the French prime minister Edouard Philippe the displeasure of the ‘yellow vests’ temper.

The moratorium of several months on the tax increase should be accompanied by other conciliatory measures, according to government sources. The government will make the decisions, according to a source proposals to members of the presidential party LREM, that Tuesday at 10.30 am in the parliament meetings.

In the course of the day explains the French prime minister, normally a statement.

In the meantime, confirmed the office of the prime minister that there Tuesday, no consultation takes place with representatives of the protest movement. That would be for safety reasons. The people that the prime minister would speak to, would the death threats have received from extremists in the protest movement.

The taxes on fuels led to national protests. And the unrest was much deeper causes. The protesters complained about the decrease in purchasing power in general, and about the blindness of the Parisian elite for their daily concerns. The protest forces the French president Emmanuel Macron to measures to be taken.

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