Frank Raes and Cath Luyten no torque more

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VRT-faces Frank Raes and Cath Luyten have decided to put an end to their relationship. The famous tv couple comes after fourteen years of marriage apart. That has the public broadcaster today announced in a press release.

The 64-year-old sports journalist and the host (41) were as a couple for fifteen years a fixed value in the BV world, of which fourteen years as husband and wife. Initially it sounded from some quarters skepticism due to the large age difference between the two, but that gap proved to be a stable relationship is not to stand in the way. In 2008, the couple together have a son. The long relationship is now come to an end, as confirmed by the VRT.

“After 14 years of marriage, they have in mutual consultation and full friendship decides their own way to go. They emphasize that they and their son Bill along with all the love and the best care will surround it. Frank and Cath insist that they break in all the intimacy process”, this is in a press release that the VRT this morning has spread.

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