Football Barça for Dutch court

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Rafinha (left) has a conflict with Adidas.

The 25-year-old midfielder and international of Brazil has, according to Adidas sponsorverplichtingen violated. The German sportswear brand, puts the dispute before a Dutch court, because it comes to a sponsorship contract that has been concluded with a company of Adidas in the Netherlands. ,,And so is the Dutch law applies,” says the advocate of Adidas.

The original sponsorship deal between Rafinha and Adidas ran last summer, but was tacitly extended by ve years because the footballer failed to respond would have on a verlengingsverzoek. The Brazilian stepped up in the meantime, however, over to Mizuno. He played on all-black shoes of that brand until he is at the end of last month, a serious knee injury suffered. The Barça player after his surgery for a months-long rehabilitation.

Adidas is demanding that Rafinha returned to their shoes and clothing to wear. The sports brand wants the judge to a penalty of 100,000 euros per day to smooth and connected, playing.

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