First trailer for “Urbanus: the Vuilnisheld”

d77a23c105e70ace6c93ba51904e05c4 - First trailer for "Urbanus: the Vuilnisheld"

The first trailer for “Urbanus: the Vuilnisheld” is launched. The animated film, which on 27 February next year in the cinema appears, you can count on a nice voice cast.

So are the voices provided by, among others Urbanus himself, Sven De Ridder and Sien Eggers. Also Frances Lefebure, Ben Segers, Ludo Hellinx, Tom Van Dyck and Ron Cornet drawing under the more present.

In the “Urbanus: the Vuilnisheld” close the adults of Tollembeek a lucrative deal with a shady Russian (banker Jef Patat, disguised as Igor The Russian): Igor may be dangerous waste are deposited in Tollembeek for a year and the residents will do this coarse to be paid. Urban sees the chance of a giant engagement ring to buy in order to get married with Teacher Pussy. But of course, everything in the hundred, and the children are in rebellion against the plan of the adults.

The trailer of “Urbanus: the Vuilnisheld” to view on YouTube.

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