Evi Hanssen and Gert Verhulst on Dutch tv

9b7667f93b8ca3068142196602658e12 - Evi Hanssen and Gert Verhulst on Dutch tv

Smiling on the photo with a notorious serial killer, very hard, your name should scream every time you go through a tunnel and every morning different emotions in front of the mirror practicing that best fit to your clothing. True or totally made-up? In the new panelshow Strong Stories take two teams under the leadership of Sanne Wallis de Vries against each other to the truths of the lies to discern. Teamcaptains Peter Pannekoek and Richard Groenendijk on a weekly basis assisted by two well-known panelists. In the first episode sitting presenter Evi Hanssen and rapper Emperor, as a team, Peter and Richard and his team will be strengthened by comedian Erik van Muiswinkel and actor Rick Paul van Mulligen. Strong Stories is from 9 december, every Sunday, at 21:30 hours at BNNVARA on NPO 1.

By asking smart and tactical questions try the teams in three rounds of the truths from the lies to discern. What story is improbable, but yet it really happened? And who could be as good bluff that everyone has the story believe? The teams will be weekly updated. Peter and Richard received further this season, Frank Evenblij, Emilio Guzman, Igmar Felicia, Patty Brard, Sander Lantinga, Jordy Dijkshoorn, Olcay Gülsen, Raymond van de Klundert, Victoria Koblenko, Dave von Raven, Irene Moors, Gert Verhulst, Imanuelle Grives, Diederik Jekel, Leonie ter Braak, Joël Broekaert, Kees Tol, Nynke de Jong, Martijn Fischer and Loretta Schrijver.

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