Eleventh Golden Film goes to The Conductor

e59a70a69f0f326ccbac3bf33e156b8d - Eleventh Golden Film goes to The Conductor

Christanne de Bruijn on the red carpet at the filmpremiere The Conductor

The Conductor is based on the true story of the Netherlands-born Antonia Brico. She was late twenties, the first female conductor in the world who are successful in major symphony orchestras conducted. Until then managed the women hardly have to be at the top of the world ranking list of most conductors.

The lead roles in the film are played by Christanne de Bruijn, Raymond Thiry, Annet Malherbe and Gijs Scholten van Aschat. Director Maria Peters made earlier hits like Sonny Boy, Kruimeltje and Pietje Bell.

The Conductor runs in sixty Dutch theatres. The movie since its premiere six weeks ago was constantly in the top 20 of best visited bioscooptitels of this moment.

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