E-mails from Republican top for months intercepted

WASHINGTON – Hackers have earlier this year, thousands of e-mails from prominent Republicans captured with potentially sensitive information. That has the American news site Politico on Tuesday revealed.

Paul Ryan (r), the chairman of the House of Representatives, is one of the Republicans whose emails are intercepted.

It comes to messages of four leaders from the national congrescommissie of the Republican party (NRCC), which deals with the election campaigns.

The e-mails of Paul Ryan, the chairman of the House of Representatives, majority leader Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise and Steve Stivers are months and months of being intercepted. The subjects were only this week informed after Politico had questions asked about the matter.


The hack was in april discovered by a provider of the NRCC, which the internet security turned on. That led to an internal investigation, but according to partijbronnen is also the FBI informed.

Details on what exactly is seized and on the content of the e-mails are no announcements made. The research is not yet completed.

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