Dutch ex-striker in the picture as chairman Mechelen

3563c2c406700c7697a7437e89a68086 - Dutch ex-striker in the picture as chairman Mechelen

Piet Den Boer

The board of directors, the eleven remaining directors of Malinwa, since the outbreak of the scandal every Tuesday together. In the long term, however, there is also a new chairman is needed. One of the candidates to the retired Johan Timmermans to follow clublegende Piet den Boer.

The Dutch ex-striker of the club has recently stopped as a banker at ABN Amro and has to say ’seas of time’. “I live in Mechelen, have a heart for the club and I am available,” admits The Farmer across The Newspaper. “I’ve also been several discussions with the club had and there are still some discussions on the agenda.”


“Piet den Boer is certainly an interesting candidate, but there are still other. Anyway, there will always be an important role for bill in our club play,” reports principal shareholder Penninckx.

The Farmer is at Malinwa mainly seen as clubheld by are hit in the Europe Cup 2-final of 1988 against Ajax (1-0, red).

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