Declaration of love Ellen DeGeneres fails completely

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Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen had a plane was rented to a banner dragged in which the number 15 was. That was, to the amusement of the two, however small. “I had a 15 with a heart ordered that along our house would fly, but I had something clearer should be on the format”, wrote the The Ellen Show-presenter with images of the banner.

In the video that they have of the plane was to hear that the couple a warm smile to the action. “I don’t see anything” exclaims Ellen, there proestend in.

Portia and Ellen dateten almost five years before they in 2008, got married got. During their ten-year anniversary last summer, shared both wives, emotional messages about their marriage and each other. Their wedding day coincided with National Achtbanendag, making Ellen a clip of herself and Portia in a attraction is shared, where she wrote: “life is a roller coaster. I’m glad I’m next to you.”

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