Data of users site Quora stolen

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MOUNTAIN VIEW – The website Quora, a community in which people can use to find answers to every question they have, is affected by a datalek.

An unknown hacker has penetrated the systems. This included usernames, email addresses, and highly encrypted passwords of around 100 million users were captured, but also the questions that users have asked and the answers that others have given.

Quora says that the hack last Friday came to light. Affected users will be informed. Quora logs them out and their passwords are invalidated. They need the next time they visit the site a new password.

Identity fraud

Who was behind the hack, is not known. The question is whether they have the encryption can crack and with the real passwords. Also the chance of identity fraud is small, says Quora, because the site does not credit card numbers and social security numbers stores.

Still recommend Quora people to enter their password anywhere else, and if they do to get those passwords immediately to change.

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