Crook: ’Three times 1000 euros if you are a 9+”

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Crook wants students to motivate

This time the challenge to students. “I’ll give christmas a 1000 euro. The only thing you need to do is ensure that you this month have a 9+ score on a of your keys.” The fans that are no longer in school, he calls on than but their nephew, brother or sister, to motivate. A proof must be enclosed.

Very simple so, it will find a Villain: “Make good grades in school, I care for good grades in your pocket.” And that is not the only reward; the three lucky winners who will he pick, will also receive a VIP ticket to one of his performances.

Shortly after his post, the rapper an update: “you Know what? I make 3000 euros! I give 3 times 1000 euro to people who a 9+.”

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