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Court of Cassation: with the arrest of referee Vertenten was nothing wrong

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The Court of Cassation does not see any arguments to the arrest of Bart Vertenten in operation Clean Hands in the beginning of October null and void. That confirms attorney-general Henri Vanderlinden to our editors. The appeal in cassation that Hans Rieder, the lawyer of the referee, filed, is rejected.

Hans Rieder was to the highest court of the land pulled out because he discrepancies had been raised between a wrakingsarrest of the court of appeal on the one hand, and the judgment of the chamber of incrimination (KI) on the other.

That was so: Rieder had at the end of October, George Raskin, the examining magistrate in the large voetbalschandaal, barred because, according to Rieder, are not impartial. Because when Raskin the investigation started, he was still a member of the licensing committee of the belgian football association. The first investigations took place in november 2017, while Raskin only in mid-march 2018 to resign from that commission. The court followed Rieder, making Raskin the case. To the displeasure of the court.

No partiality

A few days later they came to a decision about the continued detention of referee Bart Vertenten, suspected of involvement in matchfixing and membership of a criminal organisation. The AI has ruled again that the appearance of partiality is not there yet was when Vertenten in October was held. Something Rieder ‘incomprehensible’ found. He spoke of contradictions and went to the Court of Cassation in the hope the arrest annulled.

In practice, it would then also all the terms and conditions imposed to disappear, and would Vertenten – according to Rieder, again a free man. As far as the so not. Vertenten, for example, will still not with the media can talk. Or meet up with other suspects in the case.

On 15 January the Court of Cassation is still a judgement, in particular whether the removal of Raskin was, however, was justified.

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