CIA convinces senators: ‘the Saudi crown prince was the principal murder Khashoggi

4419cbe81c7f467414a3290e8ee98c67 - CIA convinces senators: ‘the Saudi crown prince was the principal murder Khashoggi

American senators are there after a briefing by the CIA convinced that the Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), which was commissioned to the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi to kill.

“I do not doubt for one moment that the crown prince MBS was that ordered the assassination, it would monitor exactly knew what happened and the murder in advance planned,” said republican Bob Corker, chairman of the Senate committee on Foreign Affairs. “If this jury had to be done, then he was within half an hour of guilty shall be considered.’

A small group of senators from both parties got Tuesday behind closed doors for a briefing from CIA director Gina Reel. That briefing last week was already planned, but Reel said when not on the invitation of the senators. A narrow majority of the republican-dominated senate approved a surprising resolution in which Saudi Arabia was summoned to the war in Yemen to stop. The White House had opposed this resolution. The resolution is however not yet finally approved.

Lindsey Graham, a republican senator who is close to Trump, said to think that MBS at the highest level, is complicit in the murder of mr Khashoggi. He added that ” there are zero options – zero – are of that happening without the prince’. “There is no smoking gun, there is a ‘smoking saw,” said Graham, who so referred to the beenzaag that in the murder of Khashoggi, was used.

‘The situation as it is, let someone like MBS to continue to work in all impunity, ” says Corker. He said afterwards that he during the briefing, no audio recording has heard of how to Khashoggi in the beginning of October in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul was murdered.

These statements go directly against what president Donald Trump says. According to him, the CIA ” nothing is absolutely certain’ found. He had previously said that MBS ‘maybe, maybe not’ was aware of the murder.

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