Christophe Deborsu makes his debut in opera in Vorst Nationaal

85e7692847d80b68404a2f2225560895 - Christophe Deborsu makes his debut in opera in Vorst Nationaal

On Friday 21 december 2018 takes Music Hall Classics in Vorst Nationaal, Verdi’s most popular opera ‘Nabucco’ on the shelves. Striking and surprising role in this majestic arenaversie mainly with the internationally renowned cast and creatives, it is impossible for a journalist and tv face Christophe Deborsu. Deborsu will in this ‘Nabucco’, which is conceived as an ode to the silent film, and takes place on a film set, the role of the flamboyant, manipulative director. The 53-year-old Christophe Deborsu makes not only his debut as an actor in an opera, but realized this is also a long-hidden childhood dream to someday be on the shelves of the iconic National forest.

“I think it’s a huge honor that they asked me for this role”, says Christophe Deborsu. “I may be the flamboyant, dictatorial and manipulative director play in this version of Verdi’s “Nabucco”. Apparently it was director Jean-François D’hondt, that to me through a mutual acquaintance contacted, that those traits fit me like a glove (laughs). The opera “Nabucco” is about lust for power, love and self-aggrandizement, and that opera and themes are now placed in the world of film. The whole scene of National forest will be decorated as a film set, a workplace where, as learns the news to us, unfortunately, still, power games and abuse is not foreign, and where the adoration of the gods of the past, has made for the worship of the gods of the world of showbiz, such as e.g. the actors and the directors. I’m really nervous for my debut in an opera, but I’m particular looking forward to for the first time on the shelves of the iconic National forest. Fortunately for the audience, it is a “silent” role, and I must not sing”, says the likeable Christophe with a wink.

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