Cath Luyten and Frank Raes from each other

39af47ca61bf1748c32ad41858736a5e - Cath Luyten and Frank Raes from each other

Punishment news in The Latest News, the newspaper came out Monday to know that Cath Luyten (41), and Frank Raes (64) no longer married! The two have decided in all the friendship from each other. What is there happened?
Only four months ago was a Cath is still full of praise for her Frank during interviews. He was the man of her life and the criticism that the couple had because of their large age difference, she was already more than tired. “After fourteen years of marriage Frank and Cath in concert and full friendship decides their own way to go”, says the press service of the VRT, for which both work. “Frank and Cath emphasize that they and their son Bill along with all the love and the best care will surround it. Frank and Cath emphasize also that they the fraction in all intimacy want to process”, the communication further.

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