Caroline de Bruijn: “Learn your text, damn it!’

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Caroline De Bruijn

“We take on GTST naturally in noodtempo on,” explains Caroline in an interview with Veronica Magazine. “Even with the director, discuss how the scene will look like? A poginkje car, just in a different way to try? There is no time for that.”

She makes it clear that you already have a good idea of the scene and how you want to play as soon as you are on the set. “Some people have real difficulty in their text to reproduce on the set, well, then keep it up. Or if people are thinking: oh, man, it’s Good Times but, what do you care. That can me annoy. Because everyone stands there his stinking best to do, and people let you out in the cold.”

For newbies, the actress is also a clear advice: “Teach your text damn it! Done perfectly.”

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