Bv-title opens the door for Tom Waes

b91a1654946e5dcb42d97df1177cc0ad - Bv-title opens the door for Tom Waes

Tom Waes is ready with the recordings of the new season of Travel Waes. That season is played this time completely in Europe, but that does not mean that the pictures are less heavy, on the contrary even. Tom Waes is just 50 become and that he feels in certain areas anyway. Since a while brilt Waes, “otherwise I can’t read on my smartphone,” says the presenter, and actor this week in All. Tom Waes is a hard worker and is so often away from home and that home traces. So he sees his fiance Molly is often a long time, but also his children got their daddy in the past has often little to see.

In the past, felt Tom Waes is often guilty, but that was according to his children Milo and Isah. “Papa, you should totally not care about this. Thou art always there in the moments that we need it,” responded she.

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