Brexiticoon Nigel Farage stepping out of UKIP

4ebe3bd43cdbab4aa84eb8f5eae19fe4 - Brexiticoon Nigel Farage stepping out of UKIP

LONDON – British politician Nigel Farage stepping out of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), the party to which he formerly for many years, lead to gave.

Brexit-leader Nigel Farage in the European parliament.

British media write about a departure of the party-icon. Farage, currently a member of the european parliament, was one of the politicians who strived for a referendum on brexit, where in the end a small majority agreed.

“I have to leave today the UKIP”, said Farage against the newspaper The Telegraph. “There is a large space for a brexitpartij in British politics, but that will not by the UKIP to be filled’.

Farage in the european parliament, co-chairman of the eurosceptic group Europe of Freedom and Democracy.

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