BOD-Michelle and Maarten talk about children

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“It feels good, but it’s crazy that now all of a sudden everything is allowed. First, we had all secretly do it with the curtains closed, now the curtains are open,” says Michelle in an interview with Omroep Brabant. If the two wanted to see, they had a complicated plan to devise so that no one would see.

“Like martin to me was I had the port already open, when he rode in the barn of my brother, went to the barn, right close, and he came through a door in the pasture for animals and then for me to arrive,” she explains. “And when I go to Maarten went, I walked with a cloth over my head so that the people who Maarten live close to me did not recognize it.”

Small little toddlers

The two are also very happy that it is finally known is that they are still together. “There is a certain pressure on your relationship if you the secret and you only but should be sitting. Now we can finally do fun things with family and friends, so that pressure is off.”

Michelle and martin are not going to take it slow. So let Maarten know that he soon will live together. “The cases are so gradually prepared, and we are all a bit to see what does and doesn’t go.” And that’s not all: “It is also intended that there would be small little toddlers walking around. But first, to live together,” laughs Michelle.

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