Additional performances of the musical Scrooge

3ffcb9cca8921c3e481b6c80df0e98c7 - Additional performances of the musical Scrooge

Sinterklaas is still not back on his steamboat in the direction of Spain, but that prevents the Music Hall there is clearly not to now already some nice christmas presents to tackle for the public. Although it still have to wait until Sunday 9 december at the premiere of the long awaited familiespektakel ‘Scrooge, the Musical’, the Flemish producer due to huge demand for tickets, now already 6 extra performances!

With as miserly ‘Ebenezer Scrooge’ the inimitable Warre Borgmans, his first leading role in a musical to tackle, and a creative dream-team consisting of Cornelius Baltus (director), Frank Van Laecke and Allard Blom (screenplay and lyrics), Dirk Brossé (composer) and choreographer Vanni Viscusi, the expectations are rightly high. ‘Scrooge, the Musical’ is a great, high-quality production, with a live orchestra and a 50-strong cast (27 adults, 23 children).

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