Actor pulls out to Kanye West

d1679bd3fb40d69eee4cb2f3f8d2e63c - Actor pulls out to Kanye West

Kanye West posed with Kim Kardashian West at the premiere, but really interested, he seemed not in The Cher Show

“Hey Kanye, so cool that you are there. If you look up from your phone, you can see that we have a show step up here. It is our opening night, which is quite a thing for us. Thank you very much”, tweeted Spector Monday night during the show.

The Cher Show revolves around the life and career of Cher. Three different actresses to play the singer at different stages of her career. Jarrod plays in the piece of Sonny Bono, the ex-husband of Cher.

Kanye responded directly: “The dynamics in the relationship between Cher and Sonny, was that Kim and I each other hand picked up and sang: ‘I got you babe’. Please, forgive me for my lack of etiquette. We have so much appreciation for the energy that you, guys, in the making of this masterpiece stitches.”

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