Woman (67) in the wheelchair during the night left behind at airport

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Chicago – A 67-year-old disabled woman from Chicago wanted the funeral of a relative in Detroit to attend. Her son brought her to Chicago O’hare International Airport up to the gate. When her flight at the last moment was cancelled, stayed with the disabled woman on her wheelchair bound and has problems with communicating at night, alone at the airport.

Claude Coltea, the son of the woman, brought his mother to the gate and spoke with a crew member that his mother’s arrival would be captured, says Coltea to CBS Chicago. “Everything was okay”, he says. “We will be good for your mother”, was said.

His mother was, after her flight was cancelled by the airline or a hotel room for the night. But there she was not taken. The woman who has problems with communicating and walking as a result of Parkinson’s and diabetes, uses a wheelchair and was therefore not able to transport yourself to arrange, reports CBS. After the service of the person that the woman in the guard had taken it, wedr to her fate, and she remained behind alone at the airport.

When the woman arrived at her destination, she began her family to worry. They contacted both American Airlines and the airport, for her to detect. Only hours later, the woman by the security found. Still in her wheelchair, and in the same clothes that she the previous day wore.

American Airlines says, startled, and the thing to examine. “We are very sure and have a survey set up by our team in Chicago and the company that the rolstoeldiensten offers.”

The airline says several times with the family have spoken. The travel costs are now refunded to the family. The airline says it is indeed a hotel voucher to have offered. It is being investigated why the woman was not to the hotel.

The fact that their mother at night and her fate was left at the airport of Chicago, it is not the only thing that has gone wrong in the trip, so says the family. To make matters worse, would the airline the luggage are lost. The woman would therefore be a part of the funeral have to have to miss, because they have clean clothing to buy.

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