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Why many investors from the current Crash unimpressed

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Hardly the Bitcoin from its all-time high is like the high of 20000$ to under 4000$, try some predict a crash to below$ 2,500 in advance. The Altcoins, it’s not much better, most of them are also on the decline.

If there is normally a price drop of this kind, the result is that investors panic and the market is in a downward spiral. Despite the recent price fluctuations in the crypto-market that most investors overlook, at least in the long term, a positive effect in the future and put on the Blockchain as the next big thing. So far, about the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) were created only a little practical application cases. Many suspect, however, that as soon as the Blockchain technology reaches the Mainstream market, the possible areas of application are literally endless.

Currently can imagine only the least of what innovations could be based on the Blockchain technology. Similar to how the Internet in its infancy, barely knew one of the areas in which you might use it. However, as soon as the masses had access to it were transferred all sorts of things of your life, from shopping to contact with others, seamlessly integrated into the Internet. Access to these areas is created once, are the problem solutions that can bring about the Blockchain, limitless. Some investors are good things, your Confidence will one day pay off.

What could the future bring?

A real Usecase of crypto-currencies that has actually shown success, is the ICO, also known as Initial Coin Offering. There are use cases for which the Blockchain technology is particularly well suited and which is not suitable for the Blockchain. An application that works with a large number of transactions or amounts of data, is not suitable due to the scalability of the Blockchain. Asset management could be used in the future as well, the Blockchain technology. This would authorize lead to the following benefits: lower costs, less paperwork and the ability to token all of the possible Assets and offer them to all the people of the world to purchase.

The real estate wing of the DRW investment company does exactly that with one of his objects, a student dormitory on the Campus of the University of South Carolina. Some of the other areas in which the Blockchain could be used, were: retail, real estate, business, authorities, insurance companies, etc. We have already seen that Dubai and the government of the United Arab Emirates use a Blockchain in the government of everyday life. Even if most of the governments will wait and see first how this Experiment develops, chances are good that they will follow this example.

When could be the current downward trend is over?

It is no secret that the crypto market is currently in decline. But if crypto has so much potential, why are the prices falling? A small example: The share prices of Amazon rose in the years in which the company made huge losses. Why? The investors speculated that the company would one day become profitable. Why doesn’t that happen with Bitcoin and other Altcoins? Volatility and lack of regulations are some of the possible reasons. It is hard for everyone to invest without great risk, and investors want to avoid high risks at any cost. For many, it is could still lose does not make sense to invest in these relatively new and immature market in the whole of his Investment. This is especially true for Hedge-Fund managers and other institutional investors, the need to act in the best interest of their customers.

Regulations could eliminate this problem, since they bring stability and liability obligations. This could lead to the confidence of potential investors is increasing in the market and the capital inflow is increased in the market. With the regulations, some legitimate questions come up. The fundamental values and properties of the crypto-currencies will be influenced by this? Reduce the regulations, the speed of development of the technology, so the Blockchain is just another fancy technology term? Or the Blockchain will usher in technology, a Revolution in many areas of the mainstream? Whether it’s retail or real estate, the Blockchain will make in the coming years, so some of the branches on the head, and many who deal so that exactly a whole lot of money and Power. But one thing is for sure, many crypto-currencies are here to stay. How will you develop and how it will look like ten years, can say a nobody.

Disclaimer: Because of the buying and trading crypto-currencies with a significant risk of loss goes hand in hand, we speak of crypto Ticker not a recommendation to buy. Please inform yourself thoroughly, comprehensively and, above all, independently from various sources that you trust before the acquisition of a crypto-currency.

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