USA: departure of the Soros-university disappointing

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WASHINGTON – The United States called it disappointing that by the Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros founded university of business in Hungary must cease. The Central European University (CEU) made on Monday announced that she is “expelled” from the Central European country.

Students in the Soros-university is forced to go away from Budapest.

The university moved American education programs to the Austrian capital, Vienna. The CEU says still to have been accredited as a Hungarian educational institution.

“This is unparalleled,” says CEU-boss and vice-chancellor Michael Ignatieff in a statement. “An American institution is driven out from a country that is a NATO ally, a European institution from a member state of the European Union.”


Moving to Vienna is the result of Hungarian legislation, the new requirements imposed to foreign educational institutions. Critics think that the law was specifically directed against the CEU. The university says it’s possible to have done in order to comply with the new rules. The Hungarian authorities, however, would not have worked.

The American ministry of Foreign Affairs says that it is a pity is that the setting and Hungary were unable to come to a solution. Inhabitants of the Central-European country are repeatedly on the street again to demonstrate against the legislation, which the survival of the CEU endangered.

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