UEFA holds congress in Amsterdam

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UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin

“It’s amazing that such a thing in the Netherlands is going to take place”, says secretary-general of the DUTCH Gijs de Jong from Dublin. There was the draw rather than the Nations League and brought the UEFA the good news about the conference over to the KNVB. “It speaks of confidence and it fits nicely in the games that year for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of 2020 in our country are played. It is once again a signal that people know that the Netherlands has this kind of big jobs to handle.”

The congress is to be regarded as the annual meeting of the European league, in which all of the 55 countries that are queuing for the gathering of the highest decision-making body of the UEFA. In total there are over 400 voetbalbestuurders together.

The KNVB, in september for the first time made strong the UEFA congress, says De Jong. “Did we have two arguments. First of all, because we on 8 december 2019, exactly 130 years of existence and that fact we want to from that date for a year to bring to the attention. In addition, Michael of Prague at the end of 2019 farewell as back and some time later also as a UEFA-director. We see the assignment as a nice gesture towards Michael, for everything he has done for the KNVB and UEFA.”

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