The last film of Dave Mantle arrive by mid-2019 from

Kill Mode tells the story of a freedom fighter who, in the future, a secret catches up with the company that the world is in your hands fall can bring. Coat in the English-language film under the cloth with Ted Neeley, the American actor who for nearly half a century, the role of Jesus in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar performed.

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The death of Dave Mantle is not to contain’

It is not yet clear or Kill Mode also in the Netherlands. Molly, the previous film of the Utrecht-based production company, was also only released in other countries.

Mantle died Saturday morning. He enjoyed particular fame with the role of Menno Kuiper in Good times, bad times. Also he played in hit movies like Sonny Boy, Sorry! and Greetings from Mike!. He was 37 years old.

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