The extreme right-wing breaks in Andalusia

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For the first time since the end of the military dictatorship in Spain, an extreme right-wing party seats won in a Spanish regional election.

The extreme-right party Vox, which against illegal migration and against Catalan separatism is, exceeded expectations. Polls indicated that the party, at most, five seats would get. But they are winning twelve seats.

With the results of the Vox to become a major player in the future coalition of Andalusia. “We will change, progress and the re-conquest bring,” said Francisco Serrano of Vox for the supporters of the party.


The social-democrats of the PSOE, which the region since 1982, driving, staying with 33 seats, the largest party, but its majority was heavy blows. It goes to its worst outcome ewe in Andalusia. The party has no less than fourteen seats lost.

The PSOE has failed to reduce unemployment. Also, she was discredited in a big scandal, in which two ex-prime ministers of the region involved.

Possible, she tries now to form a coalition with the leftist Podemos and its allies to a centrumrechts directors offside position to convert. But that is not easy. The conservative Partido Popular, with 26 seats, the second largest party, dreams of a government without the socialists, and wants to work with all parties to the right of the socialists talk. Also with Vox. The liberals of Ciudadanos pick up 21 seats, a gain of 12 seats.

‘Andalusia has for a change been chosen, ” says Juanma Moreno, regional leader of the PP. ‘Forty years of socialist hegemony is tonight broken.’

The extreme right-wing

It is the first time that an extreme right-wing party makes its appearance in a regional parliament since the reintroduction of democracy in Spain in 1975, after the dictator Franco had died.

Send the result of a political shockwave through Spain. At the end of may still have to follow a series of local elections. “This phenomenon that we in the rest of Europe have seen, now has Spain reached and makes its appearance in the parliament of Andalusia,” says the socialist leader Susana Diaz. She invites the other parties to no government with the extreme right.

Vox has already received the congratulations of Marine Le Pen, leader of the extreme right in France. The party was established in 2014 founded, and had little luck initially in Spain where the memory of Franco is still alive.

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