The death of Dave Mantle is not to contain’

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Dave with his girlfriend Dapheny.

The career of DAVE MANTLE was since his breakthrough in Good Times, Bad Times, in which he between 2013 and 2014 the partner of FERRY DOEDENS played a lot in the elevator. Roles in Doctor Tinus and the musical The Bodyguard followed, and he was working on his own acteeropleiding.

“The preparations were already in full swing, and I received an enthusiastic message that he to me would think that as a teacher,” says BARTHO BRAAT in a first reaction. “What a pity that he who now plan to no longer implement. I fear here really. This is very and do not contain… 37 years! A really good guy and an actor with potential.”

“’A good guy and an actor with great potential’”

Ferry Doedens, the man with whom Dave in GTST to be married, and thus – as the first gay marriage ever broadcast – for televisiehistorie made, yesterday was initially too shocked to react. Later he posted: “Words fail and I can still not believe it.”

In GTST married Dave with Ferry Doedens. That is completely devastated by his unexpected death.

According to his girlfriend DAPHENY OOSTERWOLDE (32), with whom he has since last year been living together, it’s an unexpected but natural death. “There are no words that can describe how very much we miss you. We love so many of you. All the world is a stage. And all the men and woman are merely players”, according to the family, referring to a quote from WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE.

Also former GTST colleague CYNTHIA ABMA is shocked – ’What a terrible message! Had a lot of fun to work with him – just like The Bodyguard colleagues MAURICE WINES -’He was such a great and nice fellow. I’m speechless’ – and CAROLINA DIJKHUIZEN – ’Why beep you so quietly away? We are in shock, this is simply not to contain.’ MAIK DE BOER spoke to the actor recently. “I cherish the sweet moments and beautiful conversations we had. You sent me always selfiekusjes if I get through sat. Now, I will send you a last kiss and comfort me with the thought that, after this life more beautiful, otherwise, I understand, sincerely, is not that you are taken from us, pretty man.”

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