“Thanks to my cousins I wanted to Artemis Fowl’

d4ae34f161d621ecd6d0233c009230bb - "Thanks to my cousins I wanted to Artemis Fowl’

Kenneth Branagh

During a vacation, the actor/director that his cousins were very enthusiastic about the series. He decided, when they themselves also read. He, too, fell under the spell of the books. A few weeks after the holiday, he was called by Disney. “They asked if I the Artemis Fowl knew, and whether I’m a potential movie would want to direct,” said Kenneth. According to the director, there were already plans. “They had a number of scripts and onuitgewerkte ideas are.”

To say that is Kenneth three years have been busy with the development of the film, which has him reunited with Judi Dench. The British actress has starred in several of his films and plays. In Artemis Fowl, she plays Julius Root, an old soldier. According to Kenneth found the actress it is sometimes difficult to get the man to put down. “But a lot about the role of talking and things to try out, it is yet well come”, he says.

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