Tamino draws to Lotto Arena

4a7045373edb4c73429736e873f533bf - Tamino draws to Lotto Arena

Tamino. Very young and only just a first full-length album to his credit, and still does, he hardly needs an introduction. After last year crowned winner of The New Generation (Studio Brussels) is a Belgian, with Egyptian-Lebanese roots have been working on a lightning-fast rise in the music world. His compelling songs and unique voice (and range) to make a deep impression on audiences and critics, and this is now far beyond its borders. Tamino travels around Europe with shows that sell like hot cakes and they can count on blazing reviews.

Currently all weeks of flirting with the top echelons of the charts with the single “Tummy”, but mostly known for the beautiful song “Habibi”. A song, a méésterwerk, which is the deepest of your soul gets up and immediately makes clear why Tamino the revelation of 2017 was called. Also singles “Cigar” and “Indigo Night” of this world-class that you would almost forget that he’s still only 22 years old!

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