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Six BV children in the shit

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In ‘Blood, sweat and luxeproblemen pulling six children of BV’s journey, ‘to let them realize how good they have here’. In Sri Lanka they need in a sewing shop to get started, but especially the toilet turns out to be a trial.

Recently I heard at the box office of the Delhaize the lady in front of me at the cashier sighed: ‘what a monkeyland we live yet’, and then they began to saw and complain about pietluttigheden …

Recently I heard at the box office of the Delhaize the lady in front of me at the cashier sighed: ‘what a monkeyland we live yet’, and then they began to saw and complain about pietluttigheden. When I could not hear, I said that they have to go to a monkeyland had to go. That they would soon know how good we have it.

I’ll spare you the rest of the conversation, but it is a pity that I could not submit with Karine Claassen in Blood, sweat & luxeproblemen. For that, originally a Dutch program will Claassen on a journey with the children of six companies. Now yes, on a trip: of course it is not just a trip. ‘I’ll send Celeste to let her realize that they are here, ” says Goedele Liekens.

Her 19-year-old daughter gets the company of Beau (24, the son of Rani De Coninck and Gust De Coster), Marie (20, the daughter of Ronny Mosuse), Zion (18, the son of Geena Lisa and Coco, Jr.), Britt (20, the daughter of Marleen Merckx) and Milan (19), the son of Martine Prenen).

In the first episode drew Claassen with them to Sri Lanka. Not that I want to say that Sri Lanka is a monkeyland is already sitting there. The country was the destination chosen because it is Belgium as the fifth most important sales market for clothing. And Beau and co. got as a commission a few days of working in a textile factory for three euros per day – which is 23 times less than what Britt deserves as she helps in a pub.

The factory has a with sewing machines volgestouwde sports hall. There must be efficient, quick and worked well. A bit like the editors of The Standard, were it not for chatting, there is strictly forbidden. It was for the six to get used to, just like sewing – they got a crash course.

Blood, sweat & luxeproblemen is predictable, but light-hearted, amusing and full of good intentions. It has much in the way of Young violence, that earlier this fall on tv, but because the young people themselves really have to work, it is just a bit better.

Their preliminary biggest abomination had the six when they were in two groups of three with a worker allowed to stay. And more determined when she got to the toilet had to. That showed in the one house a loft outside. Marie Mosuse stepped eropaf as though a tiger was growling. The camera zoomed in on the hole in the ground where a pot was put on the water, where a bucket of water standing by. ‘Is that a hole in the ground?’ asked Celeste for the security. And Marie said, “You don’t use toilet paper in Sri Lanka, never?’ Their hostess remained there smiling as if she was told that she and Miss World had become.

Or the six in the shit will sit if they are in the factory really started to, we will know next week. But we already have a dark brown suspicion.

Blood, sweat & luxeproblemen. One, Monday 20.40 pm. <img src=”http://www.standaard.be/extra/plus/lijstjes/sterren/3.png” style=”max-width:100px; text-align:left; margin-left:0; padding-left:0;”>

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