Series 12 of Oldenheim to USA, Japan and Russia

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Noortje Herlaar and Nasrdin Dchar

In the United States is the series under the name of the Oldenheim Twelve next year for the first time to see Acorn TV, the largest streaming service in North America. In Japan, the series was sold to satellietkanaal Wowow. Endemol sold the series to the Russian Showjet and streaming service IVI.RU.

Earlier this year, RTL announced that the thriller in 2019 a second season. Who the main characters are going deaf, is not yet known. In the first series played, among others, Noortje Herlaar, Nasrdin Dchar, Fedja van Huêt, Gaite Jansen, Saskia Temmink and Reinout Bussemaker.

Mysterious thrillerserie

Gerd-Jan van Dalen stood at Endemol at the forefront of The 12 Oldenheim. He is as at 1 January appointed producer scripted at Endemol Shine the Netherlands. He was the last six years working as a Creative Producer and developed the series Moordvrouw and The 12 of Oldenheim. “It’s great, my new role to start with the international success of The 12 Oldenheim. I am incredibly proud of,” says Van Dalen.

In the Netherlands, was the drama series after the release on Video to be seen on RTL4. There went the mysterious thrillerserie an average of 1.2 million viewers per episode.

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