Scorsese and de Niro see the future of the film is bleak in

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The American film director Martin Scorsese and his fetisjacteur Robert de Niro see the evolution of the filmwezen with sadness. That they have Sunday in Marrakech said, war they on the local film festival with their latest film, ‘The Local’, suggested. The print is exclusive to Netflix.

“The cinema of the past is gone, things change,” said Scorsese in a conversation with the audience in the local Palais des Congrès. “Films must be shown on the big screen, particularly ‘The Local’, but the contradiction is that we have the money for this project have found a onlineprovider, the platform Netflix,” added de Niro during a press conference. For the actor is ‘The Local’ although it is his ninth collaboration with Scorsese. “How do you reconcile this? I think everyone is now asking (…) and I hope to be a compromise, a reconciliation”.

“Netflix has taken risks while no one else wanted to do it”, says Scorsese. “Today you can be finding money (to finance a movie, ed.), but in the meantime, go to the cinemas closed”. And so the question is: “How do we retain our audience?”.

Scorsese sees other dangers, such as the preservation and the format. “What we are today, may be tomorrow will disappear”, because “we are experiencing the second technological revolution”. “Nowadays, you can a remake of ‘Taxi Driver’, but you are going to the movie will no longer be able to see: we live in the dark years, in which one does not know how the formats going to change, not even whether they are going to change”.

The director was referring to the fact that movies are no longer on celluloid to be rotated, and that while celluloid “is the only thing that saves”.

As to himself at to speak, made Scorsese for ‘The Local’ ‘t use digital technology. In The ‘Local’ plays De Niro a gun at various times in his life: sometimes with makeup, sometimes without, sometimes with special effects, sometimes without.

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