“Scientology held auditions for girlfriend Cruise’

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There was a special someone appointed to the auditions in the right direction.

The Church of Scientology did indeed auditions for potential girlfriends for Tom Cruise. A former member, that the church after 22 years, confirms that for years rondzingende rumor.

Valerie Haney was this week the guest of Scientology And The Aftermath, the program of the actress and former Scientology member Leah Remini. Haney grew up in the church and eventually became the assistant of Scientologyleider David Miscavige. They therefore became also friends with his wife Shelly, who since 2007, is no longer in the public is seen by Leah if missing is specified.

The auditions for a wife for Tom, Shelly’s job, so says Valerie in an interview with Scientologyblog The Underground Bunker. “She thought it was ridiculous,” said the former member of the church. “They did what Dave asked her. But it’s absolutely happened.”

According to Haney were Tom and Dave for many years close, but diluted that during his marriage with Nicole Kidman. When Tom and Nicole in 2001 went, would Dave do everything to have done to Tom again to get it in Scientology.

Stories about special editions for the ‘position’ of Toms partner, all years around. They would have been created after Penelope Cruz is not on the church wanted to bind for the actor. Also, his ex-wife Katie Holmes would be audited. The Dawson’s Creek actress, who is a 12-year-old daughter with Tom, has never spoken about Scientology. Scarlett Johansson, who also was once named as one of the women that audition was for Tom, called the stories “absurd.”

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