Ronnie O’sullivan wants alternative snookerbond up

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Ronnie O’Sullivan

The five-time world champion says it is prepared to to the current organization of snookertoernooien ’World Snooker’ to leave. He has had enough for week in week out all over the world to travel to play tournaments, often under poor conditions for the players. The snookerkalender is, according to Ronnie overcrowded.

O’sullivan wants an alternative organization to establish and hopes some of the well known top players, including the Scots Stephen Hendry and John Higgins to get. He is looking for or financiers for his project. The almost 43-year-old O’sullivan says it is not in a hurry with the setting up of a new snookerbond. “I think definitely for another 15 years at the top level, to be able to play,” says the player, who this season is the magical border of 1000 breaks of 100 or more points. The counter now stands at 980.

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The Rocket is already on the warpath with the big man behind the organisation of snookertoernooien, Barry Hearn of matt chrome. O’sullivan has made him recently a dictator that has no interest in the well-being of the players and just out to make a profit.

To have some oil on the fire let Ronnie know that even the two because of matchfixing this week suspended the Chinese, Yu Delu and Cao Yupeng for his new organization to invite them to join in the new organization.

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On the question of where he wants to go play tells Ronnie that there is in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, China and also in Europe enough accommodations to top snookertoernooien to play. In this regard, pointing The Rocket at the fork in the world of darts between the BDO and the PDC.

In the snookerwereld is the remarks of O’sullivan the conversation of the day.

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