Residents of Helvoirt make 80.000 euro loot in robbery

The spin-off, The Loot revolves around ten people who 80.000 euro of loot during a raid. Those who manage to two weeks out of the hands of a special rechercheteam may be part of the loot to keep. This made AVROTROS Monday known.

Ten inhabitants of Helvoirt forms in the new programme gelegenheidsbende. With each other, plotting it a heist on a van containing 80.000 euro. If the loot is in, the money is divided and it is every man for himself. The candidates should have their part two weeks hidden managed to keep, but they should be moving and parts of it spend.

The newly formed “criminals” to be chased by a team of seasoned detectives. That immediately after the robbery to get started and put everything on the line in order to solve the crime. The broadcasts of The Loot to start on Monday 7 January at 20: 25.

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