‘Research into the against Job Gosschalk in final phase’

6a63aefce788bd34870d26903db615e6 - 'Research into the against Job Gosschalk in final phase'

That has a spokesman of the Public Ministry reported as a result of news coverage of breaking News.

The investigation into the sexually inappropriate behavior of Gosschalk and the involvement of his casting agency Kemna has been running for over a year. A month ago, made it for the first time known that Gosschalk actually is suspected of pbs.

‘No criminal offences’

After the hearing of Gosschalk the Public Prosecutor will decide whether Gosschalk is actually being prosecuted. The castingdirector reported over a year ago that he has been guilty of sexually inappropriate behaviour. Police and TO started then a research, which has remained concrete declarations for a long time.

Gosschalk said in October, via his lawyer, Gerard Spong know ’to dispute any criminal offences’.

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