Ratelband is pleased with ruling

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Emile Ratelband

The positiviteitsgoeroe turned to the court for its age with 20 years to reduce. He feels he is 49, but is 69, and allows social to suffer under that age and everything that comes with it, from getting AOW to age discrimination on the labour market.

The court suggested Monday in his judgment, inter alia, that there are other roads open to Ratelband if he feel discriminated against, such as the making of a notification, or reporting the crime. Ratelband see there is no salvation. “I try to be the way to pave for thousands of others who suffer under their paspoortleeftijd. We collect in this way all sorts of judicial rulings to continue to build. We are going on appeal to demonstrate that I am physically 49 am. I have reports from doctors showing that clearly shows, for example, on the basis of my celdikte. That we have a little behind, but we will certainly use it in the next case.”

“The court has only that my request not to compare with transgender people that gender would change, or people who have a different name like adoption. But we also talk about ’zeitgeist’ and emotional well-being. Here we go the higher court. We can now say: the judge says this and this, and we will demonstrate why we don’t agree.” Ratelband find it unfair that the court, in its judgment, it considers to be too much, has addressed the social and practical consequences of a leeftijdsverandering. “What happens with this twenty years that I actually do have lived, but we have not.”

“I find this statement amazing, because now we have case law that we can proceed.”

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