Ratelband: “I can prove that I 49 am’

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Emile Ratelband

“I expect a temporary injunction today,” says Ratelband in the chic Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam, where he has some international media. “I think the judge wants me to proof that I am 49 and am not 69. And that I can.”

Ratelband and his lawyer Jan-Hein Kuijpers are prepared on request. “We have everything in order. I have medical records of various physicians on the basis of, inter alia, celdikte substantiate that I 20 years am younger than the age in my passport.”

An intermediate step

The positiviteitsgoeroe see the judgment of the court as a small step in a much longer process. “I’ve been here for a year and a half working on it. From the moment that the doctor said to me: your biological age remains unchanged, I’m therein going to deepen. The one on the right takes that process does not stop. But if he admits to what we can show, that will be the way plaveiden for thousands of Dutch people who have the same experience. And I’m talking only about the Dutch, because internationally, there is still much more interest.”

In anglo-Saxon countries ’a lot less calvinist’ and that is why his action is a lot less there strange found, he asserts itself. “I’m just back from Singapore and Australia. There, they embrace this idea fully. They are also much further in the field of rejuvenation and injectables.”

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What the court Monday, judge Ratelband has his next project already lined up. “I will go with an international scientist write a book about how three months can rejuvenate.” And all those people will Ratelband the hallway to the right when they once find that it really works. “We go in one fell swoop the ageing problems.”

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