Piet Huysentruyt is a tribute to the granny

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Piet Huysentruyt is a Tuesday night to see in That House on One. The tv chef by Eric Goens picked up in the South African Franschhoek, where he has his ‘Likoké on tour’ pop-up restaurant has opened. From there they drive to the house and there is the first of many kippenvelmomenten. Piet is welcomed with a song by Rage against the machine, “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me.” I will not do what you tell me. The show for the next 24 hours. “It is perfectly who I am.”

The tv chef has the reputation of being a nasty, stubborn man that the controversy is not afraid. Not when he was in his restaurant guests lobster and she will solve the problems or when he the wind from the front was when he was live on television a live lobster the legs pulled up. Or when he once again a colleague schoffeerde or a bold statement made about the Michelin inspectors. How does the chef back today on that controversy ? And what have we learned today? “I’m diplomatischer become. And I must honestly say: I am proud of it. That I have myself under more control.”
But in this episode we also learn a different Piet know. In the tv room, for example, with the films of pa and ma Huysentruyt in the Congo. They had a coffee plantation, but the independence is the family of Congo forced to flee. It is still a craw in the throat as Piet about that period speaks and thinks of how his father humiliated, has returned to Belgium. It is the unprocessed history of the family Huysentruyt. It has the family signed, the bill signed.

During his 24 hours in That house is the mother of Piet is never far away. But at that moment, Granny Huysentruyt sick. Piet explains that he fears that his mother is the broadcasting of That house not more on television will see. She is indeed, shortly after the recordings, died. This episode sees Pete as a farewell and tribute to her.
Piet also reveals that he has long wondered whether his perfectionist streak is not his downfall would be. “I’ve had it. A depression. No one has a conscience, but I have had it.” This perfectionism was almost unlivable for those who worked with him. Especially for them, Piet today a surprising message.

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