Palestinian ’traitors’ get death sentence in Gaza

3b910642950c915c0424ccceebddc024 - Palestinian ’traitors’ get death sentence in Gaza

GAZA – A court of the militant Hamasbeweging has six Palestinian men condemned to death because of collaboration with Israel. The ministry of the Interior in the Gaza strip will not say how the men from 29 to 55 years old, have cooperated with the Israelis.

A Palestinian from Gaza throwing stones at Israeli soldiers.

The violence between Israel and Hamas flared last month after a failed Israeli undercoveractie in the Gaza strip. Militant Palestinians fired from the Palestinian coastal zone, hundreds of rockets at Israel. That led to air strikes on targets in the Gaza strip.

It is unclear whether the six terdoodveroordeelden the Israelis have assisted in the undercover operation. The authorities in the Palestinian territory have no announcements about done.

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