Orange is preparing to draw in the Nations League

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Coach Ronald Koeman has Orange back on the map and will, in early June to battle for the win in the Nations League

Orange plays at the beginning of June, no qualifiers, but the fights to the lucrative victory in the Nations League. The finals in the Portuguese cities of Porto and Guimarães played. There is no direct EK-ticket to the game, but played for glory and a nice cash prize. The winner of the tournament may be as much as 6 million euros to retrieve. The losing finalist takes out 4.5 million euro, the number three, writes to 3.5 million euro and the number four have to do with 2.5 million euros.

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Because the Netherlands has positioned itself for the Final Four, a playoff-ticket secured for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2020. If Orange is using the normal EK-kwalificatieweg do not put, so still a safety net to get through the playoffs to qualify. The possible opponent of the Netherlands in the semi-final battle of the Nations League is Portugal, Switzerland or England. The tournament will take place from 5 June to 9 June.

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Sunday afternoon, there was also already a lot to wait. Saw Ronald Koeman the Netherlands at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS-kwalificatieloting be linked to Germany, Northern Ireland, Estonia and belarus.

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