Nigerian president: “I tell you that I have not cloned ben

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The Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari is still alive and well. He has Sunday, declared during a meeting with compatriots in Poland.

‘I assure you that this is the real me, ” insured Buhari at the climate summit. The remarkable statement comes after rumors that he would be dead and replaced by a lookalike.

Last year – in 2017 – was the Nigerian president several times ‘missing’. No one knew what was going on, and whether he ever would return. The only thing was sure: he was in a hospital in London.

The president never made known, to which disease he is suffering. The social media has been abuzz of rumors that he would be dead and gone and during official visits, was replaced by a Sudanese man who as two drops of water on him seemed or by a clone.

‘Not surprising’

“The rumors are not surprising. During my medical vacation last year, hoped a lot of people that I was dead”, said Buhari Sunday in a video on Twitter. That he is not and he is not immediately going to die. “Later this month, I celebrate my 76th birthday. And I keep going.’

The president said in Poland that the rumors also heavily weighed on vp, Yemi Osinbajo. People called him with the question whether they are vice-president should be as Osinbajo himself became president. “That was very embarrassing for him,” joked Buhari.

In February 2019 found in Nigeria presidential elections. Buhari is hoping himself to follow.

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