Nephews Kenneth Branagh made him excited for Artemis Fowl

806ee8da65775a01a52f501cc912812d - Nephews Kenneth Branagh made him excited for Artemis Fowl

The director will work again together with Judi Dench.

The cousins of Kenneth Branagh inspired him to filmadoptatie of Artemis Fowl. They made him excited about the book series from Eoin Colfer.

The actor/director was so taken with the reaction of the children on their choice for the reading of the books during their holidays that he decided they read it and discovered that he is the designated person was to have the stories to film them.

“Artemis Fowl is something that I already had three years to develop,” says the Brit to Entertainment Tonight. “My cousins were four years ago, both reading Artemis Fowl. We were all on holiday together, and they said, “You would have to view’, and that’s what I did. Then, about three weeks later, called Sean Bailey (Disney), and said: ‘Have you ever heard of Artemis Fowl?’ I said: “I have just the book for the first read!’ Until that time, there were few scripts and they said, ‘Would you be interested to take?'”

The film brings Branagh, along with fellow Dame Judi Dench, who in several of his films and plays appeared.

The filmmaker changed actually the gender of her character, so they Root could play and he revealed that the actress, some with the role struggles.

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