Michelle Obama gives advice to Meghan Markle

e7249d72fb3c3170dff098dde879d615 - Michelle Obama gives advice to Meghan Markle

The former first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, in an interview, as to what board they are on Meghan Markle. ‘Take your time’, says Obama.

‘Meghan, put such as I, will likely never imagined that life would lead them now. The pressure that comes with it, of yourself and of others, sometimes the very roads’, says Obama in an interview with the British magazine Good Housekeeping. Therefore recommend them to Meghan to have sufficient time to take and nothing to rush into things. “The first months in the White House, I’m mostly occupied with my daughters, for me, an ambitious project collapsed,” says Obama. “I think it is good to work.’

She advises Meghan to be preoccupied with things that they are passionate about. “I think her impact can be maximize for others, but also for her own happiness, if she does something that suits her personality.’

Obama did as first lady especially busy with projects around health and healthy nutrition for children. Meghan, if the duchess already had a cookbook released, along with several victims of the fire in the Grenfell Tower. For her engagement with prince Harry was Meghan is active as activist, as promoted they include women’s rights.

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