Massive protest Andalusians against populism

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SEVILLE – After the surprising victory of the right-populist party Vox in the parliamentary elections in the Spanish region of Andalusia, thousands of citizens of the state, gone on to protest against populism and xenophobia.

Nationalist Vox supporters during a demonstration Saturday in Madrid.

According to the Spanish television was the biggest event in Seville, but also in other Andalusian cities such as Granada were protests.

The protesters shouted slogans like ’Seville will be the tomb of fascism’ and ’Long live the struggle of the working class’. At the regional elections in the Southern Spanish region on Sunday came to Vox for the first time in the parliament, with 12 of the 109 seats. The socialists of prime minister Pedro Sánchez members in their stronghold, a heavy setback. They shrank from 47 to 33 seats.


It is the first time since the end of the dictatorship under Franco, more than forty years ago, that an extreme right-wing party in Spain in a regional parliament has acceded. Until now, ultra-right-wing parties in Spain have virtually no role to play.

Observers are of the opinion that the dissatisfaction with the increase of the inflow of migrants, particularly to the South of Spain, the outcome of this vote has affected.

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