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Maradona grabs next title in Mexico: after the theatre in tribune, he wants to be provocative fans to tackle

Dorados de Sinaloa, the team trained by Diego Maradona, there is Sunday not succeeded in the first phase in the Mexican second division to win. The team of the football legend was in the second leg of the final against Atlético San Luis 4-2 down after renewals. The heenwedstrijd was Thursday at 1-0 ended in favor of Maradona’s troops.

‘Fell’ was the return from the grandstands to follow. He was suspended after he Thursday, was ruled out after “insults to the address of players or members of the staff of the other club”, as reported to the disciplinary commission.

In the tribune he was during the match already not risen to the occasion: with the necessary theatre, he knew, even there, all the attention to themselves. In retrospect, was the defeat clear hard arrived at Maradona. When he afterwards was challenged by supporters of the opponent, he had to be stopped or he was challenging the fans to bodies gone:

Maradona, who in 1986 with Argentina, the world cup won, was not really successful as a coach. But with Dorados de Sinaloa, it seems to be working. When he was at the helm came, the club only on the thirteenth place (out of 15 clubs). Then got he Dorados to the play-offs, in which his team are so up in the finale kicked.

The winners of the first and the second stage of the championship in the Mexican second division take on the end of the season compete against each other, and bet promotion to the first division.

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