Macron scraps visit to Serbia because of the ’yellow vests’

98252379091b62f5db77bc002cfeedd0 - Macron scraps visit to Serbia because of the ’yellow vests’

BELGRADE – The president of france Emmanuel Macron wants to be a scheduled visit to Serbia a few weeks. That made the Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić known after a telephone conversation with his French colleague.

The French president Emmanuel Macron deletes a scheduled visit to Serbia.

Macron had this week is actually a two-day visit to the balkan country in his agenda. He is in his own country, however, under pressure, by mass protests against the policies of his government. The past two Saturdays changed Paris into a battlefield. This weekend, hundreds of people arrested for the riots.


“President Macron has asked whether his visit to Serbia a few weeks may be postponed due to the situation in the country,” said Vučić. The French leader would be in Serbia under the military commemorate who lost their lives during the First world War. That ended a hundred years ago.

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