Luxembourg wants to use cannabis legalize

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Luxembourg wants to ‘recreational’ use of cannabis, legalize it for adults. It will probably go even further than neighbouring Netherlands.

This is clear from the coalition agreement that the coalition partners in the new government under the leadership of Xavier Bettel on Monday have signed.

A calendar for the legalization of the production, the sale and use of cannabis for ‘recreational’ purposes is not yet fixed. The government says in the text that they are the production, purchase, possession, and consumption wants to ‘decriminalize, or even legalize’.

If the whole chain is legalized, then it would be in Luxembourg to go further than the Netherlands. The government speaks according to the Luxembourg newspaper Tageblatt of a ” national production and verkoopketen’. Currently there are still many questions about the legalization. It is quite obvious that only adults recreational cannabis will be allowed to use.

The liberal, the socialist and the green parties in the Luxembourg parliament with a small majority of 31 to 60 seats. In June, the parliament has a law that the use of cannabis for medical purposes is possible, but within a very restrictive framework.

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